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Attorney criminal defenceBeing arrested and charged with a crime is frightening.Without question,you need to know all of your rights,that are guaranteed by the Constitution, and how to act,immediately,in order to protect them.You must understand your right to counsel and your right to remain silent. Also,you must know how to react before critical evidence is lost and witnesses disappear.Seeking the immediate assistance of a criminal defense attorney can make the difference between a strong defense and one that is weak.Here,numerous defendants have been successfully defended.

Attorney domestic violenceStreet Crimes/Sex Abuse: This entails defending you from larceny, fraud, assault, murder,rape and sex abuse charges as well as charges of Internet crimes.

White Collar Crimes,Federal and State charges. The experience here includes successfully representing regular John Doe defendants up to and including members of organized crime.These crimes include fraud, drugs, bribery, official corruption and more.They include charges such as the racketeering RICO crimes all of which carry severe penalties. You will want a defender that fights for you whether in Federal or State Courts.

Domestic Violence: With this office,you can helped to understand what you are facing and you will be assisted in vigorously attacking false charges. But, you will need help to understand the ramifications and implications of any restraining order issued against. You will be helped to you get back on your feet and to a more stable family life.

Drug Crimes: If you have you been accused of drug charges it is important to be able to avoid inflated charges and,if convicted, unwarranted jail time.

Theft Crimes: With all criminal charges details can make all the difference in the world. That applies here to.

Investigation: When you are accused of a crime you can't rely on a prosecutor to help, so this firm's private investigators will help by conducting a thorough investigation.

                         attorney crimes                          Weapons:Whether or not you face a violent felony solitary weapons charge or increased penalties for another crime due to weapon possession, if convicted, you can face severe penalties. As your defense lawyer this office will attack the charges.

Crimes that are Violent: Being defended against all charges that constitute violent crimes is what you get with this office. It does not matter if they are gun charges, assault, rape and/or any other violent crimes. With me you will know where you stand at all times.In some states certain violent crimes are punished by the death penalty. When you life is at risk you will want someone who will fight for you.

                                      Probation Violations: If you have been convicted of a crime and are serving a sentence of probation there are times when your probation officer will conclude that you have not acted properly and will issue a violation of probation. With this the rules are known the fight for you need will be there. Understand, unless you are successfully defended a probation violation could result in being re-sentenced to a more severe sentence including jail.

attorney drunk drivingDrunk Driving: More and more the penalties for this are more severe and defending anyone charged is very difficult.But,sometimes a window will open and your defense attorney must be able to see it and take advantage of it.Sometimes such a window can lead to vindication.If you’re convicted of driving while intoxicated you will have a criminal record and could go to jail.So, even though almost impossible to defend, you will have a fighter in your corner.




attorney real estateThis is not just about buying your dream home.It is also investing in real property and making certain that your expectations are met.It involves finance, dealing with banks,contracts and more.There are many questions which include how good is my deed and what are the laws that can have an effect on the purchase of this property.And,what if you want to purchase property in another state or, even, in another country.What shall you do and what questions should you ask? The answers are here.

                                             Deed: A deed is the document that is used to transfer the title to property.There are several types of deed including,but not limited to,General Warranty Deed,Bargain and Sale Deed and Quit Claim Deed.You will need a proficient lawyer to counsel you on what type deed is suitable for your acquisition of property and why.But,a deed may not be enough.

attorney deedRecording laws:Recording Laws are the laws which tell you how your deed will be given full effect in the location of your property.In certain jurisdictions a deed alone is not enough and if it was not recorded the deed could be meaningless.You will need a competent attorney to advise you and make certain that the title to the property that you purchased is sound.

Title Insurance: The history of the passage of the title to a property is not always clear.It is possible that something may affect the title to your chosen property which may deprive you of a full and clear title to your property. Title Insurance will insure the amount of money that you invested in your property.

Real Property use: Jurisdictions have different laws that govern the use of property.Simply put,there is residential use,business use,commercial use,industrial use,etc.The zoning laws govern how you can use your property.If you need to go outside of the zoning laws there are usually Zoning Boards of Appeal which Boards can grant you what is called a variance which can permit you to do what is prohibited by the zoning laws.

Liability: When can you be sued for something that happens on your property.Understand that you might be sued for something that happens on your property.Your lawyer can tell you what to do in order to minimize this.

attorney liabilityEasements,license,etc.: These are very real issues with real property and you need a lawyer to advise and guide you in all matters dealing with them.

Mineral and development rights: It is possible that the MINERAL RIGHTS and/or the DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS to the property you want to purchase have been sold.What does that mean?You will need a lawyer to tell you as well as to assist you if you wish to purchase MINERAL RIGHTS,DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS or both.




attorney copyrightThese items are known the examples of Intellectual Property.
Trademarks and Service Marks: These are special designs and/or groupings of words that identify your business, product or the service you perform. These are governed by first use but that can be challenged. So,a competent lawyer should be had in order for you to have the best protection.

Copyrights: This is what protects your artwork and from another claims that it is his, hers or its. You will need a lawyer’s guidance in order to properly acquire these and to protect them from theft by another.


attorney personal injuryPersonal Injury occurs when you are damaged because of another’s negligence, gross negligence or recklessness.All of the events that come under this heading have to do with carelessness and the injuries that may result from that carelessness.If you are injured on account of the carelessness of another,whether that carelessness is negligence, gross negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to recover money to compensate you for your injury as well as paying for all of your necessary medical expenses.

Automobile accidents:If you are injured in an automobile accident you will need a lawyer in order to determine what your rights are.If you are injured by the negligence of others you will want to have the assurance of insurance covering your medical needs and your being compensated,in money,for your pain and suffering.

attorney accidentsAttractive nuisance: Your child may be injured because of playing on something on the property of another that is improperly attractive and dangerous to your child and other children.You will need a lawyer’s guidance in order to properly acquire these and to protect them from theft by another.

Slip and fall: If you are injured by slip, trip or fall you will need a lawyer in order to determine what your rights are. This could be caused by water or other material on the floor that makes the floor hazardous,ice on the sidewalk,a broken or uneven sidewalk or holes in the sidewalk or road.


Individual Proprietor, Corporation ,Partnership ,LLC, LLP

attorney business entitiesWhen planning to do business or doing business, certain decisions have to be made about how the business will be done followed by doing business in a manner which will not cause you liability or trouble.Of course, the first decision is to decide what you will be. The choice is either to be an Independent Proprietorship, a Corporation, a Partnership or some form of Limited Liability entity. Each has its own rules and each has both benefits and negatives. It is up to you to choose, but you should not do so unless you have a full understanding of the ramifications of each.

Business is all about enforceable agreements which are defined as contracts. How do you know when your contract will give you what you have bargained for and the guarantees necessary to enforce that contract in court of it is necessary. Well, you will need to have a proficient advisor in order to be certain of your contract.

All business entities, such as corporations have specific rules which must be followed in order for you to receive the benefits of the business entity that you have chosen to do business as. If you fail to follow the specific rules of that entity you may find yourself not receiving the benefits that you expected from that entity. The solution is to have a proficient counselor who will give you the proper guidance necessary for you to have the full benefits of the entity you have chosen.

The following are examples of the type of ENTITIES that can be formed.

attorney partnership -Partnership: Generally there are two (2) types of Partnership, General Partnerships and

-Limited Partnerships. Each has its own rules which must be followed in order to reap any perceived benefits.

-Corporation: This format was created in order to encourage people to go into business by providing an entity that would protect them from individual liability.

-Individual proprietorship: Here, the individual is not constrained by the operating rules of a corporation, or the other entities, and calls his/her own shots. But, beware, you are individually liable for whatever you do and you put all of your personal assets at risk.

-Limited liability entity: This can be a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or a Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”). Both are new and were apparently intended to provide the user with the benefits of both a corporation and a partnership.However, the law surrounding entities has not yet been fully tested. So, there could be some risk down the line.

The next is a very brief discussion about CONTRACTS:

attorney contractsContracts: These are meant to protect your doing business and to guaranty your expectations when dealing with others. However, if they are missing what is needed you may end up holding air instead of something of worth. A bad contract is no more useful in a business deal than used toilet paper.In additon the services offered include international, banking and asset protection related contracts. Your negotiation needs will be met here.
These are all matters that this firm can assist you with and if you become a client you will have that assistance. 



attorney family-Negotiation
- Premarital Agreements
- Dissolution of Marriage
- Child Custody, Parenting Time and Support
- Alimony and Post- Separation Support
- Equitable Distribution of Assets
- Separation and Property Settlement Agreements
- Post-Judgment Enforcement,Modification or Agreement

- Domestic Violence
- Mutual funds, stocks and securities distribution


attorney traffic violations-Speeding
-Running a Red Light
-Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign
-Driving Without a Valid Driver's License
-Driving Without Valid Vehicle Registration
-Driving Without Valid Insurance
-Driving Under the Influence
-Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit and Run)





The United States Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States of America. It contains in it certain guarantees and inalienable rights that some prosecutors, public officials and public entities may try to deprice you of. With the help offered here your rights under the Constitution will be fought for and safe guarded.

Attorney US constitution-Freedom of Speech 
-Equal Protection under the law
-The Right to Remain Silent if Accused
-The Right to Counsel
-The Right to Confront Your Accusers
-The Right to Trial by Jury
-The Right to a Speedy Trial
-The Right to Bear Arms
-The Right to Due Process
-All other rights



Attorney risk managementRisk Management: At this office risk management is serious business provided to clients in order to steer them clear of governmental agency, civil and criminal problems. This can be as simple as avoiding lawsuits by advising the client on what procedures and working conditions to adopt in order to circumvent the liability minefield.




Attorney bankingBanking: With this office, the experience is in assisting your banking needs for transactions, as a consumer, a vendor or a lender. Banks and financial institutions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The experience here has been with the US banks, Western European banks, Bahamas banks as well as some other banking venues outside the U.S. This covers the ability to guide through as well as draft and negotiate contracts with banks when within the realm of possibilities. The most sophisticated of the dealings came from acting as the chief negotiator for various Salman family enterprises.These Salmans were first known, in Pre-Ayatollah Iran, as the Salman Brothers and then as the Comindus Group. Among the assets that abandoned when fleeing Iran to escape the Ayatollah regime was their controlling interest in Chase Manhattan Bank of Iran and much more. In the they used the services of this office to negotiate bank liquidity contracts with Western European banks. So, if you like what you have read and there are banking needs that you may have, find out what this firm can offer to you.

Attorney offshorePetroleum: Over the years this office has been in and out of representing businesses and individuals who deal with petroleum, and has associates who are expert in crude, products, production, exploration, and shipping. The need for proper planning and execution, as well as connections in certain oil producing countries may make us your perfect lawyers. This practice began with oil traders (The Crispin Company and Chem-Oil Industries) and executives (Denis Baron (deceased) of Mobiloil which is now Exxon/Mobil).



Offshore Entities and Transactions: Understanding how offshore entities and banking works as well as the reasons for formation is key. Most often the client makes use of “bearer corporations” to achieve the desired goal. Here, the area is fully understood and here there is the ability to oversee and be responsible for the client’s safety in all aspects of offshore is key. This is achieved with in house staff and relationships with lawyers and law firms outside the United States.

                                        Attorney trustTrust and Fiduciary Services: The laws of the United States of America are quite strict when it comes to lawyers acting as trustees and holding funds in trust. That service is available to you her and funds held in trust, in most instances can either be held in a NYS IOLA account or in a dedicated trust account which is dedicated to the needs of the client. Business, Real Property and other property acquisitions and transactions in the United States by those who wish to invest here. Through this office any acquisition in the United States can be handled. This office is networked so that if outside attorneys are required they are secured and overseen by this office.

Attorney BahamasBahamas: This office is fully familiar with acquisitions and transactions in the Bahamas and has Bahamas affiliations who will assist when need. Familiarity with the laws of the Bahamas and having many contacts in the Bahamas and other locations is key. This office, by way of overseen affiliates, can also assist with the same needs in the Cayman Islands, the West Indies and certain other countries.


Attorney contractsContracts: This office has drafted and negotiated numerous contracts of many different types. They have been in the areas mentioned above as well as in the area of entertainment and more. Not only will this office draft them but will litigate them if violated and defend the client you from adverse litigation. See what contract services this office can offer to you.


attorney lawsuitsBusiness Torts: When doing business this office, as part of risk management, can help you avoid business torts which can be very expensive if such a litigation is lost. Not only will this help you avoid them, them but will litigate them if committed against the client and defend clients from adverse litigation.

Lawsuits: In the United States of America, the insurance company that insures you is legally required to provide you with lawyers if sued in an area which the insurance policy covers. This office, which has years of litigation experience, in both the civil and criminal arenas, can  cover you - when you do not have the necessary coverage from an insurance company – and can advise you on what decisions to make when taking all business factors into consideration. Providing the client with a loss/benefit analysis is a service that is always available.

attorney investorsInvestors: This office has access to a limited number of investors and investment vehicles which may be of use to you. If you are a client of this office, this office can make that available to you.

Whether it is transaction or litigation, this office stands by ready to assist its clients with all that flows from successful experience in all of those areas.


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