David A. Bythewood holds a Juris Doctor degree from the Hofstra University School of Law and is a trial and transactional lawyer with more than thirty (30) years of experience. That experience is in criminal defense, civil litigation and trials, negotiating all forms of transactions in jurisdictions around the world and more. In addition, at the Hofstra University School of Law, he teaches both law students and lawyers the art of trial others practice.


Personally, David A. Bythewood is admitted to practice law in New York, Washington, D.C. and a number of federal courts including the United States Supreme Court. But, when needed, permission to handle matters in other jurisdictions is arranged. Matters have been handled in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California and Massachusetts and he has been lead counsel for matters in the Bahamas and Germany as well as negotiating in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Bulgaria and the Bahamas.

Some of the clients of this office have been: Lybia, the Times Mirror Corporation, the Nassau County Board of Elections, the New York State Thruway Authority, Salman family entities (Salman Brothers-Comindus Group-Universal Genesis) and defending certain persons accused of crimes such as Joseph Gambino.

Below is a sampling of cases handled:

Five (5) largest Criminal Defense Cases


People v. Neverson (interstate auto theft ring)

      Results: Double Jeopardy Dismissal

United States v. Joseph Gambino (Mob control of non-branded gasoline in NY metro area)

      Results: Acquitted of all but 1 conspiracy count which was appealed.

 On appeal the government confessed error and that conviction was overturned. At retrial pled to a misdemeanor and did 30 days.

United States v. Guardian Bank, Guardian National Mortgage Corp, et al

      Results: Client exonerated - all other defendants, including bank atty, convicted or died.

United States v. Lou Valente, et al (Mob control of concrete in NY Metro area)

        Results: None - Lou Valente died in accident prior to trial

        Note: 1) Valente tied to Paul Castellano as well as De Calvalcante mob in North Jersey.

                     2) At the time Valente’s companies poured more than 55% of concrete in NYC. .

United States v. N. Gisbert and M. Gisbert (Thirty Million Dollar Bankruptcy Fraud)

         Results: Clients exonerated..

         Note: Clients had admitted the fraud in a bankruptcy settlement.

 Five (5) Largest Clients ever served

-The Times Mirror Corporation .

-WR Grace.

-The Nation of Lybia.

-The Salman Family and their international corporate interests (Iran).

-The New York State Thruway Authority.

 Seven (7) Most Gratifying Results


Jackson Terrace Associates v. Rice

            Results: Defeated landlord and amicus appearance by US Dept. of HUD.

People v. Neverson

            Results: Double Jeopardy Dismissal.

United States v. N. Gisbert and M.Gisbert

Results: Exoneration w/ apology.

People v.Benetos (Client charged with Criminal possession of Weapon in 2nd + more)

            Results: Dismissed in Interest of Justice - achieved in less than 4 months

People v. Richard Pitman Pitman (Richard “Big Pit” Pitman) was a boxing heavyweight contender (fought Paterson, Liston and others) accused of criminally soliciting the murder of a police officer. “Not Guilty Verdict” after full trial.

United States v. Kenneth Graham, Graham was part of a ring that stole military property and sold on the black market. I saw through the case and figured out that the ring leader was the witness. I caused a reversal with Graham pleading to a misdemeanor and getting probation. The ring leader got striped pajamas.

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